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Safe and Reliable Products

We produce high quality products from selected materials under the strict quality control of the Japanese Industrial Standards (JIS) at our plant facilities.

New Japanese Industrial Standards certifications received.
(Factory certification No.JQ0608013)
JIS K2213 : Turbine oil
JIS K2215 : Internal Combustion engine oil
JIS K2219 : Gear oil
*Above three categories, only our company is certified in Japan as of April 2014.
JISC(Japanese Industrial Standards Committee)

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Our History

Established in September of 1940 in Hatsukaichi-shi, Hiroshima, we have been actively engaged in the development of high quality lubricants of our own brand for over seventy years.
We are a very dedicated, independent lubricant manufacturer.

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Research and Development

We are proud to claim that our products, produced with our extensive experience and unique expertise, are highly regarded by thousands of satisfied customers, whose trust we have earned.
With our dedication to strong research and our development capabilities, we are able to meet and exceed the needs of the markets and that of our competitors. We have in excess of five hundred products and growing such as concrete removers, aluminum die-casting lubricants, biodegradable water soluble detergents, industrial chemical products as well as motor oils and industrial lubricants.


From a global view point, which places the importance on the protection of people and the environment, we proudly provide comprehensive services to our customers in the field of Environmental Business throughout our distribution network spanning the whole of Japan.

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