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Working on Environmental Conservation

As an oil specialist, we are sincerely engaged in the protection of the environment.
We deal with both, our own environmentally friendly products as well as imported environmentally friendly products in the goals to minimize the impacts on the ecosystem.
With our abundance of experiences, we propose an environmental conservation system.

We offer 3 steps to control spills in the efforts of environmental conservation.

  • 1) Adsorb the spills
  • 2) Washes the spills
  • 3) Disperses the oil slicks
1) Surround spill area by booms or socks type adsorbent , then throw sheet type into spills for adsorbing oil spills.(Spilfyter is a spill control absorbent) with one of its many merits being how it minimizes the waste and disposal costs.

The recycled cloths are typically used for wiping off the spills, however the absorptive quality of cloth is a lot inferior to that of sorbents.
Sorbents are the most efficient and cleanest way to quickly contain and manage spills and with its greater absorptive qualities will reduce the cost.

2) Washes the spills (Green Sweeper is a biodegradable water soluble detergent) with a uniquely powerful environmentally friendly detergent.

After wiping off the spill, simply apply the biodegradable water soluble detergent to the residue.

3) Disperses the oil slicks (Slick Sweeper is a biodegradable oil slick dispersant) so efficiently as to prevent turbidity.

Some thin oil slicks may remain even after the wiping and washing process, the dispersant remedies this situation by breaking the remaining oil slicks into tiny droplets, facilitating the decomposition and minimizing the impact on the environment.

* Permission from public agencies will be required prior to applying these products into the oceans, rivers, lakes and forests.

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