Sep. 1940 Chugoku Kogyo Co.,Ltd. was founded in Hiroshima, Japan.
Dec. 1949 Received approval from the ministry of International Trade and Industry as a primary oil distributor.
Apr. 1954 Chartered member of the National Federation of Oil Manufacturers. Began importing and refining crude oil and producing and selling lubricating oil.
Oct. 1963 Participated in a joint investment to establish Nihon Kojun Company.
Aug. 1964 Kainan Refinery of Nihon Kojun Company began operations in dewaxing and furfural solvents refining. Kojun base oil was refined, various types of high grade lubricating oils were produced and sold.  
May. 1967 Kumamoto Sales Office established. 
Jun. 1970 Kitakyushu Sales Office established.
Aug. 1973 Hiroshima Sales Office established.
Jul. 1974 Sanin Sales Office established.
Aug. 1976 Okayama Sales Office established.
Dec. 1981 Certifications received under Japanese Industrial Standards.
(Factory certification No.681042)
JIS K2213 Turbine oils
JIS K2215 Internal combustion engine oils
JIS K2219 Gear oils
JISC(Japanese Industrial Standards Committee)
Oct. 1987 Minister of International Trade and Industry Award received for Petroleum Supply and Demand Statistics.
Sep. 1996 Tokyo Sales Office established.
Oct. 1996 "Daytona" brand motor oil launched.
Nov. 1996 West Japan Distribution Center established.
Dec. 1997 Hiroshima sales office and Sanin Sales Office marged to form West Japan Branch.
Dec. 1997 Kitakyushu Sales Office and Kumamoto Sales Office marged to form Kyushu Branch.
Dec. 1997 Tokyo Sales Office reorganized as Tokyo Branch.
Oct. 1998 Launched of sorbent products sales.
Nov. 1999 Osaka Branch established. Okayama Sales office was amalgamated.
Oct. 2001 Certification "ISO9001:2000" (West Japan distribution center, Head quarters and factory)
Apr. 2004 "Daytona Pro-Spec" brand launched as top grade motor oil.
Sep. 2007 Started exporting "Daytona" and "Daytona Pro-Spec" motor oils.
Sep. 2008 New Japanese Industrial Standards certification received.
(Factory certification No.JQ0608013)
JIS K2213 Turbine oils
JIS K2215 Internal combustion engine oils
JIS K2219 Gear oils
*As of November 2009 we are the only company certified in Japan for the three categories above.
JISC(Japanese Industrial Standards Committee)
Dec. 2009 Switched from "ISO9001:2000" to "ISO9001:2008".
Nov. 2010 Awarded as the excellent company of tax matter declaration by Hatsukaichi tax office.(second time)
Aug. 2013 Saiki Plant established and unified with West Japan Distribution Center.
Jun. 2018 Switched from "ISO9001:2008" to "ISO9001:2015".