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Chugoku Kogyo Co., Ltd. (hereafter called our company) declares that we will be conscious of our responsibility as a trusted company that is engaged in business in the expanding IT environment. We will establish a system of management for the protection of individual information and set up a policy to protect individual information and execute and maintain it as provided below:

About the policy of protection of individual information

1. Acquisition of individual information

Our company will officially notify, declare or announce the detailed purpose for requiring the data when individual information is acquired. We pledge to do this by legal and fair means, and not through any illegal methods.

2.Purview of Utilization

Within our company the only person who will be given authority to handle individual information, when it is necessary for business-related reasons and falls within the range of purpose for notifying or disclose to the public concerning the usage of individual information, will be the person who is providing specific services to that individual.
Our company will not offer any individual information to a third party, except when agreement from the person in question has been obtained or there are provisions for doing so in the law concerning protection of individual information.

3. Execution of measure for safety

Our company will take the utmost countermeasures for safety, including information security measures to secure the accuracy of individual information and safety. We aim for the preventions of illegal access to individual information or loss of individual information, destruction, falsification, and leakage, etc.

4. Indication, change, and deletion of individual information

When there is a refusal of disclosure, correction, deletion, or use and offering of individual information by an individual, our company will respect the individuals rights and follow the will of the said person.
However, when official bodies like the police, a court, and a legal adjuration reasonably request disclosure, individual information may be disclosed or provided without the agreement of the person in question.

5. Contact for inquiry concerning individual information

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